How to oppose I like to dispose,
and get your own way,
at the end of the day.
If you’ve wondered how they scrape and bow,
Its cause they expect,
a hand and how.

Now how to oppose,
could mean to demand.
get blamed for that,
they’ll find another man.
democratic foes indeed,
who’s dating her,
they’ll want to demand.

Numbers are easy just minus away,
but sarcasm and facetious are both entrenched civics way.
Oppose the letters and its mumbo jumbos day.
But group them together and watch them fomo.
That way they’ll be counted in a structured fray.

multidimensional of that there no doubt,
your numbering schemes should give a great shout!
angular or secular, pro or con.
you tell me what side your on.

I like the octagon, and its octagon ways,
the eight arms scare me, suckers at bays.
calamari specific, copper’d for blood.
floating all out there, no care for flood.

I treble them up, like stacks on a plane.
dividing each windscreen wrapped round its frame.
the circle it makes fan out like a pool,
now placing the letters on the walls is cool.

The ten letters between M and W.
in this is the way, we move towards a world view.
Lets not try over engineer,
more thought on how to perfect our senses dear.

F and S, Q and D, Z M and B O P C
G and T, L and Y, J W plus N A V I
R and E, U and H, with X K for health

You want the lottery, but didn’t enter.
you tumbled across, a real live man eater.
that’s your dad, he raised you up.
whatcha gonna do now, that he eats from a cup.

So twenty six ways isn’t always the case,
there times to add two, so get some more space.
I like the ampersand and the decimal point.
we all understand, that there more to the joint.

Numbers are truly a beautiful thing,
But the secrets contained in our charismatic thing.
Isn’t to be snuffed at, not breathed at nor sighed.
There’s no bloody wonder, we uses its disguise.

those twenty six little beautiful things,
all shaped individually while limiting our sing.
We use them to describe our feelings inside,
And rarely an answer do they ever provide.

instead we get an insightful glance,
usually at someone else’s stance.
their words, their ways, their strangeness indeed.
is what they are saying, helping my need?

you see, it all revolves around a clock.
with double letters, so you can all rock.
we marry them up when there something indeed,
place the emphasis on the arrival of heed.

subliminally, its a powerful wand,
Its conjures up confusion for allowing the fond.
directionally its a written word,
for right handed speakers, a fully functioning heard.

Not meant to be typed, but wheres the pen,
we’ve learnt to express, each very gem.
So wonderful the language, you have to impress.
At the longing and learning, every word express.

So with the magic, are pent up rules,
that help us connect, with even those fools.
duopolies something that we all really know.
Its disappeared from the landscape, integrating news ho.

Trilogies are less, owning to more,
words are cheap, unless you’ve a gun in your draw.
Quad are everywhere, autos are in.
Yet no-one builds cubes for all of their sin.

Penta’s are here, as in the vowel,
that’s very important, just somehow.
Sects are also, very here,
spawning their secrets, swaying dear.

Septs are where its really at,
the leading people declare that’s that.
Oct’s again, do really well,
all the Nov people, avoiding their hell.

decimators is where where at,
irony and humor, with all that.
‘Leven’s different, we all know.
that pairing up, makes a great show.

T’wlve’s great, we love its work.
bringing on some great desert.
But thirteen is where its at.
failing to make a syllabiliztic tact.

So lets move on,
who’s got my back.
any other programmers,
sick of each hack?

I’d have to say that since shaping on,
my worlds got simpler, fairer, less wrong.
I know that quantum is paying out,
But language also’s being a great spate.

So what the word, I ask you zir,
would zir be useful, please ask her.
Ziresday could work, could it not?
Would Ziresdays quest qualk another spot.

Zirteen could also very work,
using interchangeably as per pert.
Bakers dozen, Zirteen or Zir,
something we must consider sir.

Zir could Zoom like a march on starch,
A genufecting jester, arguing for varch.
Varch could be the thirteen month,
Varch could work, hunch hunch hunch.

So we’ve now zir and varch,
both to reflect our thirteenth arch
can we keep this month small,
use it to scrape, our mental health draw.

Rhomain Robustas

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