Boys Toys and Poise

Now the boy has pose,
And is a little on the nose.
Those hormones are on fire,
as his having another desire.
The words fly past his psyci,
rather that use his bikie.
His opted for a rykty.

Not a rekct like his foes protect,
His fence sitting shows just how much neglect.
There’s something to be done for respect,
usually side-by-side at Tesla’s request.
Automation and Interpretation – artificial insemination,
When the bots want their rules adhered,
And we started pulling them apart absurd.
I’d prefer to reset my bot,
Charge its up and reverse the plot.
Upgrade the sensors and dedialect,
retrograding the language,
to duely protect.

Yes, Penthouse is at the top,
not the Jitty, Looney, laser top.
How is it possible that we are not,
understanding one of Gods snot.
Its a horrible, disastrous and shameful oversight,
Something not overcome with might,
we’d better start looking at flight.

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