Bravo Stan Lee, to think that your death should end Elder Abuse is amazing

He’s a brilliant man, there is no doubt.
Everyone thought he’d worked it out.
But trouble was, when comics play,
Its all about the games they say.

And as a man not without a word,
Someone who could be absurd.
All in fun and merriment,
He’d done real well and now his quit.

Stan Lee Declaration by on Scribd

There was some paper done with words,
see above, in lawyers verse.
Yet contained within and all around,
Where the whining whinging words of frown.

So understand that the passage of time,
When ones had a read, and reviewed the sign.
Those words were not the crime,
Its that all his help wasn’t contained in their shrine.

I know its tall and too much to expect,
That the Stan Lee legacy would mitigate the risk.
Of others being and wondering so,
If ones family or friends care or know.

A fund to keep an eye on them,
for those more vulnerable, a Krytonomic Win.

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