Elixir of Life

The Elixir of life,
the philosophers stone.
The soul of the world,
has all been well known.

But what is seen is seldom heard,
For what it makes doath history diserve.
Just one view as it allow,
for the holy gates to disavow.

All Christs as they appear,
bring something we all do fear.
That our intentions are full of doubt,
without the faith to work it out.

Jesus brought us the second order,
For that were grateful yet suffer maurder.
Social construct led the way,
our conconcious now in publics bay.

So as we wear our skin within,
thinking of our important thing.
remembering a life we though before,
inflicted with heavens choice clause.

alchremacy has gone on – far too long,
that joke – an irony – that all went wrong.
a coin, a bet, a toked joked rote,
why erradicate something – just because of its pope.

Perceptions, paradox, mysterious secrets.
plans that weep and products with fetuses.
And you claim that you are complete?
how so living – when languages still compete.

directionally, sounds fail IP.
some people even say – it sounds different to a t.
so unless your tranliterations ring on out,
You might as well – find some wind to shout.

Liquid, Gas, Solid and Plasma.
Muons, Ions, Particles and Atoms.
Sound, light, electric and magnetic attraction.
cant you see that where’s there’s the distraction.

Bless you for your patient attention,
My ramblings of extraordinary creation.
having dug my inner self
discovering that theres a world of wealth

Happy to see how it all pans out,
knowing that I can always come out with a shout.
Walking and Talking, terms of the past.
as we meander and discuss, the judgments that last.

Come’on sport, why you here?
something should be arriving on rear.
cant you see I experiment,
string the words – like putting up a tent.

Its cathardic, its crystal, its colorless.
Its something I do when I need to rest.
mountains of words and nations of meaning,
why wont you start by weaving more screening.

OMG, your still alive,
and havn’t quit, you decide.
ok, one more thing.
a door with a mirror – to show your bling.

Nah nah nah, you shouldn’t have stayed,
were now decending and theres thinning rays.
cooler and cooler, breathing in.
time to reread, bash your browsers chin.

yeah yeah yeah, now you know.
Left goes right, just for show.
That why Love will never work,
Its half a rectangle – now hold your your dork.

Xove Hove Yove – makieth our youth dove.

Ref Rickeshay

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