Metricly authorethological

Just as the metric system rolls on,
my z trick can also be causing a throng.
Just as each phase presents,
people go out to live in their tents.

thrashing and throttaling as the things to do,
reaching and wreacking to avoid a great phoo.
Wouldnt you know whats fair from Pharaoh,
a me trick from Tesla – me we woe woe woe.

Reward those name who started the fuss,
for naming those things – foreign to us
wouldnt you know its an imperial world,
For that one lesson – we needed a new continent to solve.

So down under where we respect both,
imperial republic, new or old wealth.
but as the world has all been found,
were just breaking it up, whats under ground.

peek prosperity, mayor termoil,
heaven help that eon old soil.
character perspectives, cartisian plots,
No one in their right mind, believes they can see the lots.
but now thiz could be where it rocks.

just as the v, is past plural of f,
why not z instead of starting with s.
weve been stuck on twelve for century past,
but that 13 wave is really a blast.

So Thurz is ok, we know what that is,
But what iz thiz fiz when thiz fiz is thiz.
Thizology is what would come,
thizology just another Alchremists fun.

a polylinquists pride,
to work out where people wisdoms lye.
how is the written word,
or are they writing like the demassed heard.

italized out the other size,
the angle of uranus does not misguide.
so when you’ve got your stroke to woke.
please find jxit is quite bespoke.

Now thiz is about thirve or thirz,
one after twelve does it deserve.
single sylable hope,
that plantary people would bring dezert.

that hidden cranial line,
rarely spoken to with rhyme.

but wont it be just as well,
when the costing aren’t done in hell.
and people respect with pride,
the turning of althe air fried.

flip flopping phygrephing authorethologicaly alchrimistly polylinguistically palpatizing for thirz

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