If you’ve placed a nine volter onto your tonge,
you’ll know that its starts by making you young.
the tricity runs through you like a shocking huge wave,
curling your toes like your bodysurfing phase.

If you’ve experienced that electrocuting sound,
Had your ass handed to you – while laying on the ground.
You’ll note that the templars didnt fail to see,
the crack of the timber where lightening versus tree.

So as a tricitarian not quite quantum complete,
Its taught me care and to keep respect all week.
trinitarians can rejoice at last,
Now with this help, they can really go fast.

helping and kindness,
anonymous at best.
Allowing our reflections,
and digesting less mess.

digesting and matabolizing
making a sound
hearing and clicking
swirling right round.

Jirking and twisting
seeing that your here
you’ll not see those headlights
drowning in beer.

Tricitarians are knowing – all too well,
That they’d better damn hurry – no’miss the bell.
Harp on the opening – its just as well,
that the clang versus pluck – ix just for fhell.

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