Least cost path is something to behold,
brownion motion across a Plancktian fold.
sheets of motion pounding through entopies way,
with penetrating plasma forcing spikes through by ray.

Now costian motion being the new seventh force,
formulated the existance of cosmological remorce.
Understanding that when that Cost doath comes in,
will he be wheeled in – in a green rolly bin?

You know when an MP does cost,
he automatically places it as the mast and not frost.
So theres no wonder why its fundamentally flawed,
O, objectification means it all turns co-MP-O-st

Take stock young friends,
not the carrying kind,
the ones that free us,
allowing our find.

Those gospel truth one cannot resist,
their cold hard truth too stark and persist.
Cop that my bretheran our time is near,
so keep those ears down, listen for the fear!

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