dreaming of disipline in the whole wide world,
something that could happen just as senses took hold.
Outdated labels that just dont apply,
of all the willingness of people bent to die.

Those that sit and bite a bit,
May never see the end of it.
If one speaks in such a tone,
To allowing commuting from their phone.

Wont it be an interesting time,
To allow everyone their reason to rhyme.
I cant even tell of all the help,
To find my spirit, the holiest belt.

You say lay and that be true,
Priests still request their silver few.
The brothers are working hard at it.
having their minds on a gilded bit.

The Nuns see much but keep them close,
their hunches are not at our dispose.
If the truth be known then some may fall,
The others will – all grow tall.

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