Man vs Women vs Man vs Woman

I listen, I listen, I try to learn.
But the problem is, your trying to turn.
I know which cis is making a miss,
and I know whats bliss when faced with a kiss.

Dont you pray and in-my-tel,
Another day where the suns a spell.
Either point will make a diff,
Cause scorning cause more than just a biff.

So we go to war, heads held high,
scorning the earth as the place to die.
I dont know why – you tell me hi.
All I know, is that our peeps do fry.

Opposite, adjacent and circumplex,
Something someone will have to fix.
You fractioned, you chase,
you even left your race.
Now dont complain, that I reign in the pace.

Neo, New, yes, even Metoo.
Something I’d swap for the matching shoe.
The Older – tradition, a steeped pre condition.
Make up your mind, were all getting leven.

so over the seas to own all those waves,
now its aviatrition thats fallen to gays.
So when you feel like a itsy bitsy bitty,
Think Fuddy duddy willy nilly crazy gone bonkers do diddy.

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