A random poem that’ll show’em.

Sorry your honour for entertaining the staff,
I was caught amusing, not tearing them apart.

I was trying to build moral bank,
So they would listen when I wanted to thank.

You know how I need so much support and love,
That I’d thought to reward and bounce like a dove.

Please excuse my degression, please excuse my disgrace,
I was only trying to lighted the space.

I know we are serious, sincere and solemn,
But the people that work for us – get the job done.

I know we set the standards high,
Providing the benchmarks and ol’ Kay Pee I.

I too believe the things you do,
About peace and harmony and things that go boom.

But when I see the long faces develop,
I automatically go into divulging our deficit.

How we need their every cell,
Aligned and pumped to dive into that hill.

The mountains of paper the endless calls,
Navigating power plays and the political wars.

Monitoring egos managing links,
Try to iron out – all of the kinks.

So sorry your honour forgive me your grace,
Is this the meeting I need to fall on my mace?

Should I run or should I bow,
Should I be worrying about my family now?

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