Hyperhysteresis elongatedeggs.

Using excel I think about my art,

making objects and trying quantify smart.

Joining the dots and making the links,

it creates a picture so helps me I thinks.


Hyperhysteresis is just what it says,

stretching the limits of whats possible nowdays.

Elongated eggs are just what they are,

resized and located which where the locuses distort.


Limited tools with limted land,

creating a digital development plan.

Making the math that fits the curve,

or deciding where the pivots are formed.


If you train on the train about trains training trains,

founding the finding of fortuitous frays.

Double dealing disiplines dividing disease,

the train will train trains, without a trains sneeze.


Now away from these random verse,

time to get serious – time to get terse.

Head and heart thats where its at,

yet feet and teeth take attention and tact.



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