Submorpheme mime meme

Hum Om hum Aum,

Hum drum hun.


Hum Hum hum,

hum that its done.




hum various sum.


hum one plus one is two,

hum two is just a few.


Hum its one oh one,

its a very basic sum.


hum one two three,

hum bend and lift your knee.


hum think aloud,

hum derive all meanings articulized.


hum gl pl and cl,

hum pr hr and gr.


hum an I – hum your size,

hum to vibrate – all your insides.


Hum an ought – hum an uff,

hum and hum and hum enough.


Hum the sums along the lines,

take a difference and invert the prize.


hum an ipp – hum a yap.

I’ll just hum and shut my trap.


Hum fl – hum fr,

hum anything but hum bl er.



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