Breathe breath rest

Its a test,

to rest your breath.

Street smarts say,

trust your chest.


Take a breath and breathe an aum,

Let it shake and center your tum.

Reverberate it through your throat,

move it down into your moat.


Let it rise into a sing,

until its between the ears – do ring.

work the nasal into a cranial wave,

where it sounds – like its internalised.


You can hear your prayers prayed,

and see those spears and the post they staved.

You’ll hear the angels singing too,

see the phophets and those that cooed.


Shaking shivers seemingly alive,

then it hit and we nearly pied.

Hitting riddles with melodic rhyme,

arriving just when – theres no more time.


Between the madness and crazy stuper.

we turn to humor and a little laughter.

We turn the beats – into an art,

hearing nothing – until the fart.


We go on and on and on we go,

until the clock doesn’t know which way to show.

Assuming that the time is lost,

how does that make you feel and cost.


Wouldn’t you prefer

an infinite sum.

Or be caught in a loop

be left to look and run.


Don’t you think

you’re the bee’s knee’s?

With your favorite custom

name-brand tees..


Your artsy-fartsy bias and so,

aestetic pretentous lamenting you go.

But who held a mirror and said let it go,

Just see how you react so you can stay so so.






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