Automatic typing is where its at,

Especially when writing daily facts.

When assessing thing said,

or working out what’s ahead.


Getting it down,

raising the crown.

stretching it out,

or straightening things about.


The words should flow,

and you’ll know what to write.

Others wont come,

even leave you in fright.


I just wait,

until it comes.

Arriving itself,

Amazing my minds.


No distractions,

no expectations.

No personal problems,

that’ll hurt for ages.


Relax and breath,

Don’t think of the word.

But a phrase might pop,

and the lights go whir.


Too much planning,

is often to blame.


I cant explain.


Often things turn out for the best,

and there’s always next time incase you need rest.

But the more you do the more you recieve,

and there no harm in bringing – some cups of tea’s.


Yes, tease it out,

expect suspense.

Waiting is the hardest,

form of defence.



Bitting at bits?

Take a walk,

sleep on your tips.


Things’ll get heavy,

as the flood begins.

The words’ll go crazy,

as the kings sings hymns.


Tonge twistings saying,

oxymoronic clauses.

Things made obscure,

Thank God we’re not horses.


Nonclementure’s mix,

sounds enble.

Positions become poised,

your lefts enabled.


No handwritten scrawls to struggle through,

symbol simplicity rules are few.

Use what you have if only of four,

we deduce everything else like our common floor.


Quadrants, quotations,

quagmiricle ways.

Quints and tints,

how do I says?


Describing all the indescribable ways,

that god has given at the end of my days.

Mystical musical harmonic frays,

for the balance and patience – it just blows me aways 🙂

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