Whats a Uard?

dont you know?

Its spelt and sounds like something might go.

Its not the university of agricultural research and development you know?


But its fourty four (44)

and two sixty four (264).

The numbers get better,

But the authorities have divorced.


Now depends on how I say,

But I hear it like “are you hard of hearing”.

Or like “you heard”?

I dont know, its just absurd.


If a partner might say it,

I’d be readying for action.

But if a salesman did it,

He’d be complementing my reaction.


Tilder and wave,

It’s works like these,

Where’s the accent,

What does it tease?


Uard could be someone,

always focused on you.

Asking you personals,

probing and provoking – Its true.


You see there’s no word,

For thousands of years,

The uards tried,

So God disappeared.


He vanished into the weather

staying well still,

To be called upon until,

we cool down the kiln.


Uard doing it tough,

Uards trying everywhere,

Remember to give em a break,

But uards – beware.


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