Four seven twenty twenty three

thats how our American counterparts,

describe they’re relate-a-bility.


As we prescribe,

the flows of electrons,

things are being rewritten,

in favor of the fermions.


Variable sizes,

with predescribed paths,

fate never looked so tempting,

when attributed to a fast.


The sounds down low,

the pitches ran high,

Todays good friday,

time to say goodbye.


God hasn’t died,

in fact its expanded,

developed progressed,

the learnings congratu-ated.


Its given us esses,

give us vee’s,

Given us flowers,

animals and trees.


given us beaches,

rivers and ponds,

given us nutrition,

to fuel our throngs.


Its given us space,

in which to grow.

And the words sounds and shapes,

Where we call can all now know.


Its given us insight,

clarity and charm.

Given us melodies,

with which to charm.


Its given us context,

given us grace,

given us hope,

in which to radiate.



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