Sixth of the fourth twenty twenty

No point fighting or spitting the dummy.

No point buying gold,

you’ll just have to store,

no point in stocks,

they’re heading to floor.


No point with Bitcoin,

its turning around,

no point with Etherium,

I dont like the sound.


What we want is peace at last,

a helping hand,

with mouths agast.


A caring look,

an interests gaize,

a concerned word that sets us ablaze.


Hold Stop Duck Move,

These are the words we shouldn’t refuse.

Go Start Wait Tell,

These are the words designed for hell.


Free Mine Away Aint,

All these ones prove,

we’re all running late.


In my day,

when silence was golden,

I didn’t know the joys of bliss holdin.


Now that there are,

violence is silence,

I’m fighting to retain’n a stand’n in the right’n.


Every click and button pressed,

takes me away from,

ignoring phone ant iks.



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