I do the bash, the christmas crash

I do the dash,

from the stock market rash.


I do the cash,

I do the news bypass.


I do the sash,

I lash around my fore.


I do the mash,

I do the monster mash.


I do the pash,

I turn the calendar ash.


I do the fash.

I do the fash with Tash.


I do the hash,

I go gnash gnash gnash.


I got brash,

I got brash with kash.


I got yash,

so we’re at zash with yash.


Do the monster mash,

the moster mash,

It made me crash,

the monster mash,

all its twenty six patch,

the monster mash,

its rhymes with hatch,

so please catch match whatch.


The monster mash.






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