Muons kills crypto

Third of June and I knew I’d fume.

Tests went well with those computers from hell.

I ran these tests from across the west,

Knowing full well that the distance came from the bell.

Remotely controlled muons know how to fold,

Pushing and pulling the fermionic fusion.

Setting the bits from beyond the twits.

Tweets didn’t help as we utilised a belt and tracked common usage – made it easy to fuse-age.

Now hacking is easy peasy time to test freezy breezy.

Biology responds but the aiming moves on’s.

So four lines of code now instantly grew old.

The protection within gave me cause for a grin.

Out of Physics and code, I know what grows old.

So hardware keys, with Quantum knees, meaning were all just bunnies with trivializing honeys.

God I thank you, for lending me your shoe, something I can definitely attribute – to my main head guru.

So do I take, or do I show?

Do I run, or just go on having fun?

Thank you, praise you, your powers impress.

It enough to want to, start wearing a monks dress.


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