Fourth of the fifth with feelings mixed.

Fourth of the fifth with feelings mixed,

heaven help our one true scent.

Twenty twenty too,

I dont know what to do.

I just put a leg,

in front’a the bed,

and see if the days up too.


With skies of blue,

and mountains way up high,

I thought things might go well too.

but I pissed off a roo,

as if on the other shoe,

I discovered I’d got beaten up too soon.


My ego’s were fried,

I’ve no idea why I tried,

Only a vague memory of defending her pride.

She was the daughter that aught’to,

told everyone they’re shorter,

and to live life with her I wouldn’t have order’ya.


As if by happenstance,

I gave her a glance,

now I cant undo the image.

It took me a year,

to put a dent in the fear,

that my boner is now but all over.


The head alone gave me a gasp,

with each of her cheeks never knowing a fast.

A neck of steel if steel was saggy,

and hair of silk if silk was all germy,

With skin so flakey I wanted to wash,

Reach for the Karcher get a O’gosh.


But for a year on now,

the smells gone away,

And in case your there,

and forget to run away,

Just remember to throw those cloths,

it’ll stick to everything so I’d shave that nose.


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