The red herring and dead cat bounce.

Take a look at the logic sea,

is it a dead cat bounce?

Red herring’s everywhere,

when will be the crunch.

With countries powers shaking hands,

whilst pulling out the rug.

Every day we have no news,

They’re conspiring another punch.

Playbook updates yet again,

memo’s floating round.

Just put your ears close to ground,

prepare for a massive rush.


Feeling, thoughts and knowledge flows,

do they think that we don’t know?

The richest getting golden chutes,

to stop and prevent the show.

They say words aren’t important,

its the tone that they make.

So they drug them up and set them free,

its a bloody worldwide shake.

Mega-factories super-pollutants,

acid rains the start.

Poisoned ground hollow mounds,

we’re headed for the dark.



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