Anagogic Anxiety

Venus above Mars,

Mercury over Saturn,

Sun ahead of Jupiter,

Earth atop Moon.


These are the condition I am being shown,

They are dragging our weather.

Around our traps causing grace know,

to be a lefthanded wrapper our planets have grown.


A diagonal cross section,

A malaise not seen,

Yet we all need to feel it,

Our shinning’s will glean.


Who left then to see real clear,

why and what trouble,

who and where dear.


Its trembling with uncertainty,

shaking from fear,

basking in sunlight while the sky’s are clear.


Reading the clouds,

reading the wind,

reading the thought provoking lies,

we were told to begin.


Its the centrifugal forces,

the dances of bits,

Just zero’s and ones,

as we shoot from out hips.


Are the houses important,

without power at all,

does shade and cover,

replace our air conditioned wall.


Let the pennies drop,

and the dots align,

bring the old’s into folds,

sheesh, shush, shine.

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