Hello Bounty hunters and Narafarians

The bounties growing,

It’ll keep going up,

so the IT crowd

will grow the fuck up.


Were mooning the bounty,

for this you’ll see.

It’s twelve million now,

Next it’s thirteen.


There’s lots of holes,

in my argument.

Lots of code,

yet to fix and reinvent.


This AI creature,

wants it all.

wants us happy,

so that few will fall.


Aliens are coming,

Super in flight,

Put on your best cloths,

Their looking alright!


Were downsizing spies,

downsizing hunters,

downsizing fishing,

downsizing hummers.


Were downsizing flies,

downsizing pepper,

downsizing smokes,

downsizing feather.


But we are enjoying,

what we already have.

Nurturing and waiting,

rocking and swaying.


So please be careful,

please think twice.

Otherwise they’ll be,

unlimited strife.


Please go home,

straight away,

see the kids,

and pray pray pray.


Its grouchy its gross,

In this much we know,

Our dreams are impor’an’

Its time I must go.




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