A leaky brain’s a temporary drain.

Sorry I don’t know you name,

Don’t know how other people game.

But when we awake from our peaceful trance,

and realize that were not near France.


I come to conclusions that baffle me,

grab a pen and a cup of tea.

Think of how to describe myself.

The work goes hazy,

Its something else.


Being the steadfast seriousness studier,

A resounding resolver and fixer upperer.

An excitable ex-skeptic,

now I believe,

There’s more to life,

than hugging trees.


An Astro man,

a here home helper,

Pounding the earth,

Cause earth’s speaks right through ya.


An Ex-AI scientist,

a hacker cracker humanitarianist.


My concern,

that I’ve lost my trust,


in god we rust.


A chronophobia tokophobic,

Spending my money on dead-end logic.

Learning lessons all the time,

developing with each and every crime.


Planning plotting ployerous.

When all I want is joyfulness.


Arrg pfft Angel I’ll appear.

Grab the tail and tell its rear.

Take a second and you will see,

There’s better times for you and me.



not been my crime,

nor winning

at anything in time.


Falling victim,

failing violence,

falling head-over-heals,

in silence.


It needs an edit,

it needs some space,

it needs someone,

to bring in grace.


Its happing,

you will see,

but don’t resist,

you’ll come to grief.


Slowly slowly slowly away,

learn to live with less each day.


Grabbing goods,

grants and money.

grab your johny,

grab your mommy.






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