Its all just simple poetry, but I’m liking it more than you and me.

I got Toyota up and running,

helped IBM fix up their bubble.

Fixed the networks under attack,

patched the panels that made our back.

Integrated the facial id,

setup the security for many of ye.

Yet the hero’s are laying silent,

the ones that helped me question my riot.

I watched and waited for a gem to drop,

the Neds and Peters that impressed my plot.

They got grief from the alpha’s,

they didn’t understand

they felt real frailed

intelligently mad.

So they attacked and humiliated them,

brought them down,

dropped them a notch,

gave them a crown.

I saw I wept,

then the women came in.

They yelled and screamed

this dreams go to end.

I wondered why they lost the plot.

I couldn’t understand, its wasn’t my lot.

But it filled me with fear my Mums not like that,

she’s peaceful and calm played solitaire a lot.

Same as Nana the lovely peaceful girl,

they deserve the world

but their no bodies fool.

And for all their sakes,

I’m became a tool.




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