I don’t know but I’ve been told,

there is plenty of hate left to be solved.

Be it chemtrails or what they add to water,

the hate for mankind is another disorder.

The lobbyist fighting and mandating so,

the reporters pushing us to be hard our own.

The scientists who just want their grants,

the healthcare professionals who’re unavailable for rants.

The poisoned people needing their jobs,

running on empty feeling their throbs.

The sports people who’ve go to win.

the musicians who just cant sing.

The nurses who’ve forgotten how,

the teachers who’ll go bow wow.

The boards and committees who get shot down,

the spies and soldiers who’ve forgotten their sound.

The cops and firemen who all stay stum,

the people yelling mum mum mum.

The delivery services who just wont roll,

the people who say its petroleum’s fault.

The old farts who say it’s crowded,

the whipper snappers who say its started.

The comedians who cannot laugh,

the dogs who won’t take a bath.


The packaging peeps pushing product,

the sales staff who wont say you don’t need it.

The management with their heads in soil,

the poor old blokes who reply on oil.

The pacifiers who cannot fight,

the religions devout who’ve lost their might.


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