NFT scam

Alert Alert but do your own research.

the NFT craze, just went ballistic.

They pay you money

just to hold the thing

Don’t they know which gang you’ll be in


Its fixed,

and rigged,

not random at all,

All the DNA

come straight from the draw.



play games,


give them away,

The KYC is a nightmare today.


There’s gift tax

and export duty,

and exporting some things

gets very very



Then there’s the case in mind,

where they pay you money,

for holding some time.

But doesn’t that make me,

an nft employee.


Other tokens get jealous too

they want your attention over a few.

Where else is it possible,

to sleep so well,

with a thousand hue.


Now there the scams,


and duds,

some might seem trendy,

but that’ll wear off in a dandy.



you’ll be reamed on purchase,

the ultra high transaction cost.

And that’s if your not minting

that when it goes right off.



Its not so bad,

you’ve given up your address

now all and sundry can see and look

at what’s been funding cats.


They’ll draw


which could be fair

depending on

the links affair


Then again your already tagged,

depending on which DAP you dragged.

So your pegged already

didn’t you know

I’d better find another show.




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