Finally an earthquake to break apart our heart

Its not the fires,

not the bugs,

not the decent into

derision over what was.


Its not the virus,

not the snakes.

Its the smoke infested soot,

that makes these hoodies debase.


Its not the hunger,

not the thirst.

Not the lack of glucose,

that’ll bring the hearst.


It was the noise,

the shaking and wobble.

That’s when my heart,

fell apart on the double.


I knew it true,

I knew it fact.

I knew there was no,

going back.


Eight more years,

of relative peace.

Then it starts in earnest,

the greatest fear of our race.


Too much smiling.

Synonyming away.

Too many frowns,

today today today.


Twenty two of nine you say,

today’s when markets bounce away.

Twenty twenty one today,

So start seeing clearly – were all going to pay.


Nostradamus had his say,

Now Costradamus might have his day.

Sure I’ll be there near the shore,

as the coastal lines get all redrawn.


Moving from,

ship to shore.

Beach head tactics,

are much adored.


Sitting aside,

the river bank.

i’ll be sipping gently,

refilling the tank.


Knowing that,

when someone comes.

with shiny gold,

that they often does.


I’ll use it to,

shape a mirror.

And show all the horror’s,

Contained withinya.


You put the value,

on that image you see.

For that is the price,

that my eyes must see.


Now double it for

making a sound.

Triple it if,

I smell you come round.


Quad triple it if,

you make me feel bad.

After its all said,

and then I feel bad.


Quint triple please,

if the so called deeds.

Are not done to impress,

or extends our good rest.


So hows that,

for a SLA.

One that makes you,

pay pay pay.


Not fractional returns,

on a loyalty play.

Complaints that are falling,

on deaf ears all day.


After all,

its what’s NOT being said.

That’ll make you worry,

from fears’o the esquire’ed.


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