As a poet I see my job how

As a CEO I was a cow,

Sucked as a Director,

I was a C-suited plow.


Development Manager wasn’t much better,

too reliant on others peeps seerer.

Infrastructure had a life of its own,

Til power became a F word somehow.



just made everyone lie,

and staff fund investing

made everyone cry.


Compliance is crap,

that’s the word,

Since they’re always changing,

how its interpreturd.


Struth its uncouth,

is more of a truth.

Marketing was fun,

and the updates sung.


But music and magic,

are the poets friend.

Memes and memory,

and the stories we send.


If I had my way,

we’d all try show it.

Puck up our mouths,

when it was time to know it.


And swallow that sword,

flames and all.

shitting it out,

letting it clang vibrate floored.


I’ll confess,

here on the dresser.

While others derail,











Its the holy grail



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