Nate Chastain – Fuck you

I play fair

or at least I try,

apart from mistakes,

then I tend to cry.


But this dude Nate

in a privileged position

with Opensea markets

oh I do love em.


Senior management,

I have found,

were lining their pockets,

front running abound.


So that’s that then,

Opensea’s dead,

Can’t trust them now,

all markets are being fed.


My ape will sit there,

with floor rising and all,

And remind me of Nate,

and how he took us all.


Just another

in a long long line,

of self serving people,

of that there’s no crime.


They must have,

a house full of rugs.

Carpets and throws,

pillows and mugs.


Hope they’re happy.

with their efforts this time,

the cudo’ll be amazing,

There’s no end to greedy times.


People are after all,

Curious creatures,

not realizing,

they’ve been here before’yz.

They cant remember,

all those lessons,

all those prayers,

all those lesions.


They wont sit there,

and close their eyes,

Remembering why,

they choose for life.


Instead its the money,

money money money.

or they’re honey,

honey honey honey.


either way,

they got misled,

happiness is,

just happiness fed.

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