Crypto content

Between Richard Heart and uniswap I put this together

Now I need you to put it together,
I think that you can.
think light,
float like a feather.

They don’t read white papers,
that is true.
So I’ve made a Saphire,
just for a few.

Another paper,
will be rose in color.
It’ll talk about love,
and how’s your father.

Then another in boysenberry,
to steady your way.
help to understand yourself,
In the shortest practical way.

I’ve one in black current,
its the one to be aware.
Of all those atrocities,
and why where all still here.

I’ve one in Jello Jam,
so you can see how we came.
to be unemployed with no chocolate,
Nor a biscuit to being me shame.

The pink paper should,
draw only whats fair.
Talking all about that love,
and what makes up an affair.

The pouch in peach,
should put some minds as ease.
It might make some others restless though,
once the damage that they’ve seen.

Cranberry chapters,
is my favorite delight.
Story from my pasts and presents,
there ones I still hold on tight.

Strawberry stories,
Is where I’ll rest my head.
providing jam for strangers,
Their the tears – I had to had.

But you can bring a smile,
make me laugh.
See that its hex,
And it goes real fast.

If you think onramping is hard indeed,
I’ll let you up
on another seed.

Thirty three cents will be what I’ll be.
But don’t trust me or fibonacci.
Get in early or get in late
Either way – please donate.

I’d like to show
how personally
that poetic license
can diligently

Bring us together
helping one an another
each taking part
of these journey’s we start each for other.