Tenth of the fourth, remember me.

You can tell me what you’ve decided,
what you love and what you’ve hided.
Tell me who you’ve forgiven,
What you’ve seldom sold or barely ridden.

You can tell me what to think,
tell me how and when to drink.
You can tell me how my race is wrong,
I’m the wrong sex to make a song.

You can let me know in a way,
That the hate lays thick,
The way shoes stick to clay.

You can tell me how to dance,
What to wear and how’s my stance.
You can shout or yell and cry,
If wont stop me asking why.

Why es – I ask indeed.
Why es when Spain was bad.
The Royal forces versus Church and State,
and why the people should start debate.

Social action with social value,
personal actions can account for failures.
So when we sit and listen to it,
Through a silence sit and wait for the blip.

Were told and informed of priority,
or more confusion and disparity.
either way, we’ll’ve been told,
To hold our horses or go and be bold.

So you can say what you like,
shouldn’t matter to me.
I’m holding my grace,
for all of humanity.

There’s just not enough people bringing it.

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