Could it be that the pandemic didn’t do the job?

Could it be that the pandemic,
didn’t do its job?
It didn’t localize,
our loving throb.

Sure its brought out,
all the racists.
The haters and negators,
and totally tyrant debaters.

Its brought out idealists,
inspirationalists too.
Ingenious innovators,
to name but a few.

They love doing numbers,
on you and me.
Love giving orders,
like they were still free.

Nazi sympathizers,
authoritarian trash.
Nothing make me more angry,
Than seeing the privileged bash.

Sitting on their high horses,
dictating how its done.
Caught between explaining,
and throwing out the undone.

They’re cutting corners,
making tracks.
Shortening paths,
breaking backs.

For the love of Christ,
or the sympathy of Saul.
Our nations divided,
even with the Church of Saint Paul.

As I cut away,
all the liners.
All the trouble,
with all the cowards.

I see that were sharing,
what we think is right.
So were never seeing,
our one true plight.

Local is,
as locals are.
Only as good,
as they repair from afar.

Healings come,
and healings go.
But as far as healing our souls,
well I just don’t know…

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