As it never starts itself, here another antidote that stopped your health.

Its starts out with thinking hard,
concentrating like a really retard.

Its pains me this,
to have to say,
I’ve been many time,
crippled this way.

Trying to get one it in the hole,
trying to understand why its in the fold.
Trying to follow and find the path,
hoping and praying for someone to laugh’th.

Whether its finding the piece to complete the puzzle,
Or finishing the chapter to wrap up the novel.
Writing the program that dashboards the office,
Or building a robot that hangs out the trousers.

Finishing stuff,
can be a curse,
Completing everything,
like every little verse.

And when we stop,
have you found.
When grabbing a bite,
or resting for five.

You’ve bit your cheek,
or bit your tongue,
My god I thought,
the lost controls begun.

Then there I sit,
in hell of a pain.
Feeling so stupid,
having it happen again.

Its all because,
we loose concentration.
Of our gums and teeth,
yet the nerve endings summon.

Engineering a successful mouth model,
one needs to consider what’s easy to swallow.
When listening to others,
who’r experiencing distress,

It’ll end up in your mouth,
So please spit out a bless.

Are the teeth all crowded,
or missing in action.
Failed to stop,
those bones from a crackin.

They’re all connected,
to the cranial region.
So how they affect us,
is not up for believing.

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