Okay, you got me at hi, time to contribute my cry.

Its the eighteenth of Feb,
you are e.
Some girl might like it,
I find its hot heat.

The name of game,
has changed these days.
Its not tippiddy run,
or tag your best mates.

Its not tug of war,
or plain only chasy.
Its clumbsy and tough,
Its engineered for the weighty.

Its where you get,
to sledge your mates,
behind their back,
is the best of bates.

Do they run on back
and tell their friend?
Or undulate,
and suck it in.

Do they look at you,
in a different light.
something dark,
that takes work to subside.

Now try and do it,
when their dead.
Its starts off different,
contains a darker thread.

So its sledgelicious,
as its been told.
where its a women’s world.

Bag your friends,
throw them under the bus.
condemn their every move,
Its an aussie must must must.

Cause down-under,
where its all at.
There’s not one person,
sparkling from a pat.

Now now there there,
don’t mind my ways.
There always hope,
while peeps do prays.

They’ll get their shopping
and pay in cents.
Get their groceries,
the till’ll’s stop dispense.

Yeah – go on.
Have a bloody go,
just because I abbreviated you’ll’ll …
you’ll gleefully reap my sow.

How’d you say,
when you really mean.
back in my day,
to gather laughter keen.

Shaft your mates bacon.
or stuff up his dating.
cut ’em down to size,
so those ideals wont survive.

Its true what they say,
got to bring everyone up.
The day we stop caring,
is the day we don’t duck.

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