May twenty seven

May twenty seven,

keeps hanging around.

My ears so close to the earth.


My feet hit the ground,

I’ve not uttered a sound,

My heart has not conjured a smirth.


but within the moment,

by the voices between my ears.

The power of my mind.

Makes everything so clears,


Not hard left,

not hard right.

Finding common ground,

shouldn’t bring about much fright.


I havn’t had to try real hard,

Or put on such a show.

Things just seem to stick around,

although slightly skewed we know.


My Mum and Dad just died,

I dont know where to go.

I tried my hardest to forget,

remembering their fondest glow.


We turn the tables,

timing ables,

pleasent times ahead.


Avoiding rope,

to pin our hope,

Another crisis voided.


So I stood up tall,

helped build the wall,

now find weve been ostracized’d.


But what I thought,

wasn’t bought,

mislogic reasons provided.


But then I thought,

my wages saught,

an excuse we’d coincided.


No one said,

qualifications met,

then people listen polited.


or accumulate love,

that what humans does.

Until the day that he is slighted.


So forgive and forget,

and have a good rest.

Thats what Johnny would have decided.



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