What to do

What to do

what to do

Where you going to do it,

and what time is it due?


When your sisters got cancer,

when your mates done himself in.

When your cousins done the same,

Then your other mate joins him.


When theres no one left,

you think you like.

The others left,

all gone on strike.


Where to turn,

feeling blue.

And not have someone,

yell unto you.


Who’s on your side – what about you?

These questions can not be answered.

Try just makes some sense of it.

Why anyone would have started?


Ones gone interstate,

One was married off.

One took a career choice,

far away from us.


They all get up at midnight,

failed to form their sleep.

and pace about the pavement,

Although none will pause and weep.


Theres no getting together,

no calling cards,

no where to discuss those things,

that were so very dear to us.



Cant go out,

do not call.

be seen as a weakness,


We must just

wait our fate

no matter which

debate was started.


Heaven help

twenty one,

because its twenty seven

that’s already come


You want free movement

just not round trees

Just on the concrete

between the posts please.


Weres the goal,

the organisation.

Who running things.

This congregation.


Tall poppies in ivory towers,

Lowly servants bidding cowards aces.

Where would the might be seen,

Its where the power gets re-cleaned.


The war of wages,

which wage is witch.

whealthering waters,

our lives been unstitched.


No pyramids to build,

no buggyball designs.

No equilateral triangles,

Just cause they rhymes.


No logic endeavours,

to distract the man.

No emotive connections,

to deviate his plan.


No oximorons,

no Epitaphs,

no quizzed quandries,

just pit-a-pats.


Bells and whistles,

guitars and drums.

Spell it out,

under the hums.


There music in you,

no ones has said,

Theres music in you,

in the form of a said.


Its not your job

to try’n be heard.

Its your job,

to refine your herd.


Not purify and punish,

protect and provide.

Not playing the plank,

not pissing in Popes eyes.



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