No 5G for me

5g 5g 5g

let the power stay free.

more coal, more noise,

more whales on shores,

5g is not for me.


Burn burn burn,

delay the day we turn.

the features are poor,

it’ll heat up the floor,

why we still type and learn more.


5g is not for me,

don’t virtual reality see,

I augment the past,

I use but a fast,

although human densities aghast.


5g is not for me,

I’ve heard the powers goatee,

like a pointy end,

It’ll not even bend,

making our skin stave off our friend.


5g is not for me,

I’ve heard the futures free,

But if we wreck the world,

It’ll forgive our bold,

fossiling homo sapiens decree.


5g is not for me,

I’ve heard it breaks a tee.

with wearable phones,

and deplorable tones,

just imaging whats it like to be a bee.


5g is not for me,

Its America’s and China’s gee,

If were all caught up,

in the toughiest cup,

I bet it wont be my key.


5g is not for me,

I’m disenfranchised under the silent vee.

The man on top,

likes using his frock,

To fork off with his mocked sock.


5g is not for me,

I’ve vowed to fix our we,

when we bandy together,

we can feel just a feather,

landing on our intellectual sea.






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