What I learned from reverse engineering our alphabet.

The western alphabet is the most entrenched enduring thing,

we share our feeling and the places weve been.

But we only use these twenty six ways,

and I always suspected, that their logic delays.


They set it up from hundreds of thousands of years,

thousands of lessons and millions of tears.

How did they structure – it just so?

With so many vowels and constinants that go.


And so build a future – that people will show,

built a dynamic library and database to know.

Its not rhyme or reason we bounce things off,

those people who share their words and their gruff.


How can you put it, as succint as you can?

know any razors to flumbolix this fan?

As every Aussie knows to well,

necessity breeds – inventions to sell.


So let me help you do that math,

Let me sell you just one graph.

Please help me feed my falling face,

while telling you of my disgrace.


The blindsightings, the cat fish,

the double switching, a hidden dish.

Up the sleeves or down the hole,

Thumbs for Mums goes doll darl dole.


Hold up your head – lead with chin,

this’s not war you think we’re in.

ha ha ha, just to be heard,

someone thought that was well deserved.


Its not the spelling,

its not the shape,

its not the length,

That makes a debate.


Just the facts as people see,

reflections, directions and where you put your tea.

Communications is so unfair,

your unable to hear my fear through that hair.


But ok, yes, it does look nice,

your made a bee’s nest come up twice.

But those hunched shoulders and pains in your back,

Aren’t doing much to support your rack.


Wheres the core strength at play,

Where the resiliance and care today?

Sure, your muscles need to work,

Just as those toxins need to shirk.


So the alphabet, went through betabet,

into trigamma dilemma that none’d forget.

It marketh a man and matted him out,

joined it as just as like natures devout.


Then along came love and we learnt it in ways,

the humor, the games, oh, those suffering  days.

Taxing ourselves to put it together,

All fourty one thousand two hundred and fifty two utter.


Now the intelligenti have the steradian,

helpful infact if your a prospackedean.

For for all the rest of us plebs in seeth,

the square root of bullshit spleened in our sheeth.


They stopped us at twelve with the twelve times table.

most of us got caught up in nines serious fable.

Ten was easy, eleven a sinch,

but after twelve, we started to wince.


First one up might get the worm but last one up

– gets the last word.

ever wonder why they make unleavened bread

– cant wait to try it once I’m dead.


But of all my readers, followers and crowd,

how many of you take a second then frown.

Just to know your left from right again,

since you’ve been distracted – and bought all in.


An education, hardy har,

qualification and an examinar.

computers are still upto their old tricks,

being programmed to replicate and refine our new pricks.


Least cost routing,

early termination plans,

retirement entrances,

keeping families sad.


Who created this goddamned mess,

then needs traditions to repeal and digress.

Who came up with the names as such?

concocting and coersing – blubber and bless.


Who saved the art, who set the standard,

who was carved up and who was left stranded.

who wheeled around their carts end on end,

who cares whos named, the lessons been rared.


Its mumbo jumbo, a fiddily wink.

eggs sized mouthfull, the taste you keep.

walking and talking, mumbling and bumbling,

huffing and puffing, gossiping and bludgeoning.


Ok, so its official, heaven helps,

its the disciples decibels that pelt.

The oximoronic obscured obscene,

something best read and best not seen.


The era of brutal has took a turn,

from right to left – we will learn.

The sages, savonts, shamen and zelots,

will shy away from those bearing ballots.


They too are pawns in away,

know not what land that they pray.

Worldly wisdoms, a double sense.

A hopeful future with a greedy tense.


Courts in the army, in the mill-i-tree,

caught in crossfire of you and me.

If we can not just agree,

to hone our skills and parently.


from phenometicians to theothorwaiters,

to scientificly specified sitations.

These are the words in play,

yours might go your own way.


An all together man in an all together land,

His sounds the mounds

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