The thirteen faces of god.

Where’s there’s winking,
no-one knows,
Which face is worn,
which face done goes.

Where there’s smiling,
Where there’s grimace.
Where there’s Pscyclic diligence,
traditional transitional balance.

Look at the faces,
as they are true.
More than seven,
we have a few.

First is the one on Top,
lets start with him, he goes pop!
GarGoiling Grandlayering Green GaGGing God,
with a Grinning Gentile Going Going Gone awd.

Second Is the Very god,
VIrIly strange IndIvIdual.
ThInkIng that Is vIrtuously odd,
A Valued Vaulted Verangle.

Third is REal,
has it has an Earthy fEEl.
Gods can REvEal,
it as an ElEctric EEl.

Fourth is asked Just Why,
who knows it as Just a hi?
Who What Went Whent Where,
Juxtoposed between Whens affaired friend.

Fifth is Under,
ascending our Hears Help.
Uber Uppering Us’s Udder,
Heavens Helping our Here’s Ulp.

Sixth is a Nah,
a Never, Neighing Ahhh.
not a No AgendA,
in this new Age of NANA.

Seventh brings the Man,
officialiZing inwhichever MaM.
The Zablicked clan all Zooting Za ZaM,
with his Zymbiotic Medicinal flan.

Eight works eX’s out,
Kicks them right out the gate.
If looks could Kill, they’d be eXploding at will,
Kixing and eXiting their thrill.

Nine Boys will be Boys,
Their tOOls are their tOys.
They OOgle around knOwing their grOund,
straightening any and all BOOBs fOund.

Ten the Queens Diety,
Decimals know who’s Decided Divinely.
Double Decimals Do Duels Dear Diary,
a Queried Quality crust QuinDiDes me.

Eleven Snakes twisting round,
Shocking Swerving Swaying Sound.
Fanatic Fascists Frolicking Frowns,
Forget Semantics, a Seminal crowd.

Twelve Penteelic Platonitives,
Certain ConCatinal CaPaCitors.
PlaCed PaCifist Palatial PeCkings,
PreCeeding PiaviC PorCuPiniC ProPortions.

Thirteen Long Legged Lizards,
Yourning Years of past,
Lengthening Latitudes LinguisticaLLy,
YeLLing YokeLs Last Ya’s.

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