oh-ah-ha doesn’t do it justice,
The twin inverted balls may bust us.

But the sounds are real,
used to deliver zeal.

Join them up for inspiration,
reverse them round for preservation.

Argh may not be much of word,
Ahh looks less – as its missing one third.
What was it – you thought you heard,
The space where I left you – to assume its absurd.

Dooting, hooting, frolicking so,
awaiting the time, his life must go.
Assisting and helping others see,
That their life is more = post a cup of tea.

The faces of the LORD – that what I think I’ve seen,
reminds me that when someones really keen.
They find a way and that’s when Jesus beam,
Joining the dots and avoiding belts jean.

Derivative and substantial,
subtle yet clear.
and in an air of fear.

Uncertainty and doubt,
for you to work out.
limits your ways,
and secures your pays.

Care is just an acronym,
a four letter word, decorum.
Cover your Arce and remain employed,
as fear is often, conveyed and enjoyed.

When they sit in their ivory tower,
sipping scotch with cuttings of flower.
They want the fear, from within their castle,
And that my friends, is why they don’t hassle.

Ogga Gar Garrideen

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