Writing failures

Clear and concise,
organised and structured.
No rules, no laws,
nothing banded from texts draws.

persuasive and pertinent,
valuable and exact.
Something you might consider,
is all kept in its tact.

useless is useless,
not important you say.
not valued by anyone,
like tits on a gay.

conveying important,
be careful on your ways.
explaining ideas,
can wind up with neighs.

A professional writer,
may have lost their sight.
They’ve been forced to produce,
having experiencing a fright.

Readers get bored,
their patience wears thin.
trying to keep time,
while maintaining their grin.

the educated,
and elitist few,
aren’t sprouting their secrets,
in fear we all rue.

Its simple and straight,
having worked it all out.
Smart and strategic,
of that there’s no doubt.

Those who gets their say,
often have their way.
But the others that suffer,
sleep without’n utter.

Knowing their right,
Giving in to their plight.
They might not keep mum,
always looking to sum.

They’ll suffer their drop,
from a heightening sop.
Who’s been given a prize,
Now needs to give rise.

If twas a peaceful endeavour,
t’one that made ye more clever.
not helping more others,
understanding their shudders.

But give up indeed,
Allowing others to seed.
bring on worse deed,
while their ignoring their weeds.

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