starting whatsoever

whatsoever is a word,
albeit one that sounds absurd.
its just rolls off the tonge so smooth,
no smacking lips or hopeful hooves.

whatsoever may be that one,
containing more than whosoevers son.
howsoever lined them up,
tried to tell them – how to fill their cup.

But whatsoever wasnt the least fazed,
he just looked at them totally engazed.
But wheresoever tried to steal the show,
he and whosoever uped-the-anti and their know.

But whosoever just stood on his mound,
while whatsoever skyted and flound.
whosoever grabed his hound, yelling, “Sick him canine”,
“take whatsoever to ground.”

The entrailing emblazing was something so see,
whatsoever agains’t all three.
They lined him up and took swabs of dirt,
called him names and pretended to flirt.

“Lets see who’s ballsy now”,
“Lets see him preform like a cowering sow.”
They went to hurl but bugger me shirl,
He started singing with tides of pearl.

Not the pearl as in the sea,
the one that make others – giggle and wee.
He’d rip them off one by one,
seeing their expressions – twisting not fun.

And angrier and angrier those howwhoiams got,
only the dog didnt distract from the plot.
He lined him up and took a leap,
only to find – one of whatsoevers feet.

So on he went, hurling abuse,
at a pitch that was consistant, with double dipping reuse.
They swiped and stabbed, swayed at his head,
but there was no way, whatsoever was dead.

So to settle them down – he turned it around,
started making fun – of the crowd that they found.
Paunchy, pewney, patsy, peek.
he named them all with nicks for the week.

Hero, Heuby, hioby, soot,
He named them things that made their rellos toot.
Korker, Forker, Fibber, flip,
some of these things – you’d think were quite thick.

Jobby, Joker, Loppy, Blip,
Nothing went unappreciated or turned out sick.
Zitty, Quacky, Pourrrer, Pie.
At least they were laughing and thought they knew why.

So they all went off now – arm in arm,
since the crowd applauding and clapping their naan.
Whosoever could see, that he had no tea,
but Howsoever knew they had to start with a fee.

Whatsoever had just used his heart,
Not generated another fart.
He genuinely wanted to keep his cart,
But in this way, he was bound to start.

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