Eat, Pray, Pove

Yeah yeah yeah you’ve heard it before,
hopefully the movie – didn’t bore.
But the Love has changed,
what was that for?
Well, Let me help you – with your jaw.
It started as love, something begot,
When it wasn’t love, something forgot.
It was alright for one,
inflicted with lust,
But the others mightn’t’ve mustn’t must.

Now Pove is like a double edged sword,
Two right angles and an arch joined cord.
held together, unlike a ford,
with it be bound and in place,
as in a loving divorce.
Pove wont let you escape without fault.
Someone must break it,
solve it to save salt,
we just cant bear it – any more bust.
Fove and create it,
then cake becomes must.

Its heaven on earth and solid as gold,
The feeling you get,
when brought into the fold.
I’d like to see where this leads me indeed.
long as I don’t end up – dead amongst reeds.

Its sweet and it braizen,
spelling be hound, when did you quote me?
infection all wound.
the subtext missing,
the plot all wrong.
The pitch was misleading,
with the tone of a gong.

that stance was opposite,
how I was.
The facial features,
concerned I gazed on.
I didn’t stutter = I didn’t shake,
I made it clear – to use a rake.
So now don’t tell me,
I said that thing,
now told, don’t ask me,
for that wedding ring.

For heavens sake, is that what you want?
after all we’ve built?
and all our jaunt?
For Christ be certain,
they seemingly sound.
That forgiveness is what,
takes up less ground.
No contest declared,
her happiness prevails.
Now just get on with,
off telling tails.

Yes it true,
I’m not walking around.
not stepping on eggshells,
afraid of each sound.
Not upsetting you,
with the rude sites of me.
Passing each day,
of a phase incomplete.

So maybe its true,
the tears can’n do heal.
I keep telling myself,
riddled from feel.

Yes memories are perceptions,
of memorable facts.
funny stories,
or working for gags.
forgiveness takes action,
regression if-you-will.
Something best not,
taken by pill.

Only understanding,
clarity in fact.
underpinning the faith,
that there’s much more than just that.
From where I stand,
there more than three sixty.
There’s fourty one thousand,
two hundred and fifty.
Angles to consider,
before being too thrifty.

I held out indeed,
for as long as I could.
embarrassment meant,
being left out in the wood.
Being gone is hard,
I’d have to say.
Not being heard,
every other day.

Missing the kids,
I’d rather not discuss.
I’m missing them so,
very very much.
But they’ve grown,
and progressed so much.
I now feel like turning,
back into dust.

To old, to white,
to male indeed.
This worlds against me,
no space for more greed.

so we sit back and accept,
the faults of this land.
Blame the people,
for the weather you can.
Pay the people,
for keeping their land.
Pay them for mowing,
pay off their van.

We pay people assistance,
but that not what they get.
They get the directions,
the warning and threats.
If people really wanted,
to know what to do.
They’d just look down.
And judge by their shoe.

Kick to the curb,
all the no hopers.
protecting the children,
from all the old gropers.
throw out the men,
with all their red dicks.
why don’t they stop working,
and give up their tricks.
Give in to the females,
insatiable ticks.
That’s where its happening,
Their kicking our GICS.

That’s where Fove – really can heal,
you take the lower arm and aim at peace meal.
Shes got the top,
she’s gone full hood.
She’s gonna keep up,
the neighborhood.
Top that you cant,
even if you tried.
You’d need a war,
and a bloody huge surprise.

So were stuck with love,
the really the real deal.
With words like that,
no wonder they steal.
Just don’t ask me – ever again.
To do it for love sake,
I’m a peasants keel.

Pharmer Philly Phelps

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