a five character’d face,
that defines that phonetic race.
As twelve won the race,
back when numbering was a grace.
But now that enough is enough,
I have to start to go gruff.
But the longer it takes,
The more brutal the race.
essentially lacking and loosing those most commonly debased.

take the six characters place,
when they only carried sex in their case.
Since hex was a word,
and it conjured up the ssword.
They wrapped it then salacious poured.
What about vex zex and the text,
Are they fairly squarely next?
Well leave them alone as the monks have well known,
Pudding rearrives again with next morning stair quest.

Now sevens holds a different angle,
Its odd, developed and can demangle.
It holds well – all of its form,
slightly bending – swaying the norm,
So formulas are now in a fangle,
rotate and bit coin a handle.
Its a polar sliding scale,
And as you comfort your tail,
You’ll be rocked right out of your fail.

Eight is a long and established tradition,
we love – to hate this edition.
Its fair and it words,
It got bored and it hurts.
But the effect is undisputedly satient.

Now its back to five again,
because its designed to give you a grin.
a high five is nice,
along with the rice.
But now add it to the last my friend.
See the thirteen has formed – double bend.
not open ended as doubles will tend.

So you see that it looks like some boobs,
horseshoe’d into the cues.
How else would it appeal (Lets keep it all real),
as apposed to the wheel.
As the greatest friggin ever good deal.


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