icosikaihexahedron is the word to find,
There’s zero cases in our oogles mind.
Is it just a triple octagon,
a prism based shape – that all went wrong.

its more like a rhombicuboctahedron,
except the Romans failed to grow and throng.
Its not a duedecahexasphere,
Undecided, they were all bearing fear.

is it from a constant angle
project from a center dangle?
Or is it just all sliced up,
and evenly squared with two octagon cups.

The name wont work,
it tells us little.
When its the construction that counts,
that forms part of riddle.

Verb and Nouns,
Adjectives and sounds.
When will the shape,
not take the form of a stake.

Buggy balls and wide wide halls,
geodesic domes with baby knomes.
why stand up on only one leg,
when your language could be – just as soon dead.

We’ve settled on those twenty six,
how many dudes missed out on this.
They’ve been sold on the son of God,
Rather than believing that we all feel odd.

But shapes and names – seem to have stuck,
I hear people crying – duck duck duck.
So as an Aussie who all mucked up,
Always googling words with zero sup.

The Icosikaihexahedratic Icosikaihexahedron

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