unaryism, unaerism or unarism

unary, the word to describe a single identity (especially of a mathematical operation) consisting of or involving a single component or element can be extended for use as a philisophical principle.

And while im not the one to differentiate between valid zelots for the trinity, hetro, poly or secular avenues I would always prescribe that in the end, failing back and erroring into one or the other is where we find our observable reseting spot.

So as a unary entity and attempting to maintain that path, Im looking at the 23.5 degree that uranus is off by.  There is also a similar amount of variation by our magnetic poles, but let me take you through our linguistical reality for a moment.

some people are left handed and some people right, some are seeing things from the three perspectives represented in our constants and reflections thereof. say t, d, and p.

say s, z and c.

So as a unarian, I am always focused on something, and rather than k for kindness, l for love or c for care, im cancatonated the lettering to show as in the beginning, the first letter is the ‘father’, the second the ‘son’. the third is the holy ghost, fourth is amen (if at all).

for ever and ever..

so we have the start, ending and middle in their retrospective ironic realities built in.

lower and lift is not the same as raise and sink as the increase in letters tells us more about the primary direction and inference. Five letter words which are single words like raise and lower have opposing directions with the ‘father’, they have abjective vs objective ‘sons’ and identity ‘holy spirits’ of singlness vs multiplicity/selection, then comes the s ‘snake’ objective human description w pun while finalising each of the e and r which are opposing characters signifying earthy roots and turning round.

So as to ‘read’ the words, is to connect ones spirit to the harmony of the word and ‘see’ its imbalance in context to a wider reality.

not just written linguistical correctness is realitively ‘sounded’ out affair, it is also and tranquil learned imperical minefield of mortal and moral lessons that are eon specific.

idioms and other oximorons that the english loved to disperse to the dutch are highly racist which offended me until I established it was envy based and their lack of comprehension due to the limitations of their freedoms, influences and passions meant my aspirations left me thinking that this knife edge of existance that was forged from canons exploding for sea route dominance and air dominance for electrical control means that the next meme lingo mumbo jumbo will go willy nilly hesto pesto before it moved through a susinct serious classification of my proposed formatting specification.

for fifty two cards, its been told,

has picts and numbers written in bold.

theres nine cat live, so lets have a go.

there an a, then one for each show,

b p and d, all ending in e. ed. q is too..

r g and h all ending in a



dbpdt – e


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