Another NEG Fib

Another NEG from the FED, We’d rather try a lance instead.

indeed, lets feed, this government policies vague as their speed.

The National Energy Grid

its that which binds our mid,

Evens out the flows, so jobs dont take more blows,

and were paying likes crematoriums for the fib.

Now a National Energy Guarentee saves monies,

Its not just for the Turnbulls and bunnies,

Might have a utopian feal,

but if theres one thing thats real,

They screw us to the floor in the deal.


The National Energy Gateway

Its goings to get further and further athadaway.

A virtual trading desk,

so they can surf and email the rest,

I’d dunno what could tempt us lesst


A trip to Paris might make it,

For a the Newest Energy Gigafret.

They’ll brand it just reight,

Take over the flight,

And complete Stockholm captials might.


By then we’ll be paying a grand,

And thats just a week in a van,

the Electric man can,

he charged as he ran,

His powers lays wired to man.


Bluudy Awfooll


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