bitching hitching, munching and crunching

Its a great weight
for a long wait
they come for blood
not for the debate

Where is the bomb
to send with throng
to those blood thirsties
who damage our son

they wanted to kill
they wanted to thrill
jesus failed to change
because of that mill

millers smiths wesson too
institutionize things too do
profit takeover repress demand
merger closure seea band

bitch those in twitter
message those face book
when you gonna turn
tv walking fruit stop

Scripture wrote planets float
people just talking spoke
no stage will appear
noone left to fear

the uncertainty gone away
leaving aliens to pay
so tag and flag
provide an emblemed rag

because of the land
you own its sad
so they’ll bringem in
smug grin greezy bag

stop the planes
stop the ships
stop those fuckers
from shifting hips

I know im mad
and ive every right
to cry a solo
on every flight

wheres the exit
wheres the food
wheres the excuses
fo’all that rude

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