Watch your step.

Speading words can be misinterpreted,

Using them is surely perverted.

Hate speech becomes the norm,

And people just will stay in their dorm.


Dont listen to idiots,

they’ll beat you down.

Then rattle you with experience,

and steal your crown.


If money is the be and all,

why did Jesus denouce and not applaud.

If sound advice is not sound at all,

Just a memory of all our flaws.


Those with wealth grinned and laughed,

I felt like they denounced my craft.

Those will priviledge poked and piped,

I felt the burning all they despised.


Its good,

its bad,

its inbetween,

But who will tell you to eat your greens.


A fish for fridays,

thats all we need,

and some would say,

no no indeed.


I prefer,

to feel my best,

putting my best shoes,

and barely rest.


Thinking thinking,

thinking around,

gouging words,

like they were just found.


Think of the middle,

Think of the end,

think of the damage,

think of the air.


Calculating what,

the phoneticians might say.

Does it breath more germs,

what do polytheoticians maake?


Sanskrits biased,

that why its dead.

doesn’t mean,

the wisdoms not read.


So eat your greens,

enjoy the fruit.

Party on,

with some coniferer group.


Coffee mournings,

Collard lunch,

My god your brilliant,

you’ve given us a hunch.


Eight billion humans,

and we don’t know squat.

The ozzies should save us,



Profits befitting,

For those greedy cons.

Back to nature,

where gods helping hand does.


I do accept,

Its a childish persuit.

Reveling in attention,

so the youth dont have to cop.


But elderly deciding,

whats good and whats not.

I hate to tell you,

Most have lost the plot.


I shake my head,

I rattle my toes.

I bow my head down,

because thats where it goes.


I’m always pivotting,

streaching each side.

Trying to work out,

all of the lies.


As you see,

I’m hell bent on four,

Because of the nastiness,

contained in each door.


Its starts of simple,

with a flash of insight,

Then I’ll wait a micro,

and the rest just flies.


Sometimes I edit,

sometimes I’m sick.

Listen to buddah,

And let some Zen stick.


I could use my hands,

or use my mouth.

But gods given me,

A mindful life.












Paused for effect..



A tear here,

a tear there,


a tier tear .


Blessing Brother,

Giday Girls.

Blokes and broads,

we’ve┬ásuch binary worlds.


Today I indentify,

and a sole and an heir.

A me, an I,

But do I still care?


You say what you want,

I’ll not react.

Just jot down the notes,

keeping intact.


Intractable words,

Serious souls.

The enemy is out there,

and they’re getting bolds.


Can’t we make peace,

Can’t we make love,

can’t we respect,

all that he does.


Its a plurification,

not a purified mess.

In a million years,

will anyone attest?



goto go,

Its time to meditate,

and start the glow.

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